Monday, October 21, 2013

Simple life lessons.

We had a busy but restful week off of any major schoolwork. I am learning to take cues from my kids (and myself) that we need a break. We instead had a week of getting ready for the baby and for winter. We had a work-bee day and cleaned out the basement, along with digging out winter gear. The kids worked outside with Dad for a couple days, gathering and burning yard waste and branches.
Extended family was also here for the week, as well as for Thanksgiving. Uncle Brandon has just started working here and is staying with Grandma for now. Auntie Kristina and Dominic were up and they all have found a place to live so they will be back soon.
Uncle Darin and Auntie Courtney were up for Thanksgiving dinner. That is all of Mom's family! Grandma took the kids for a hike/walk down to the gully in the afternoon and then the kids got to paint Kool-Aid paintings. The rest of the day was spent watching movies and playing games.
We ended the week with a family hike around the lake. 
Mom has been having lots of pre-labor but there is no baby yet, so it is back to schoolwork this morning.

Kool-Aid Painting~
Step one: Spray paper with water. Step two: dip brush, sponge, etc, in Kool-Aid powder.


Smells like lime. 

Dominic :) 


Family time~

A family walk. 

The boys checking out the drain pipes.... Hellooooo....

....... Gemma on the other side.

The kids climbed a huge stump and were pretending they were judges.
"Order in the court!" 

Who can do a chin-up? Only Daddy can. Dad lifted them up to try. 


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