Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Art around here.

Imaginative play: My kids are always dreaming up new scenarios.... aren't all kids? They love to play family- mom and dad, baby, and puppy. Gemma loves to play dolls. Aiden likes to make up spy games. He writes out plans and puts up signs on his bedroom door. They all love to play restaurant and take orders, complete with a little note pad. Lately they have been making their own little library. Oh, and of course, Keiran loves to play anything to do with trucks.  

Boy art: Lego. Aiden has been working on different Lego Castle pieces. He is a pro now :) 

Aiden received a Marker Maker set this Christmas from his aunt and uncle. He made numerous cases of markers, mixing up colors and putting the markers together (an interesting process). Here he is using his homemade red. 

My Gemma. She never draws the same face twice. She decided to draw her new dolls. 

"Don't move my doll, mom. I am drawing her." 

A blue doll. 

A green stripey doll. 

A pair. 

Puzzles. The kids are constantly making puzzles.

Potato stamps. (With acrylic paints.) 

My pre-k kiddo. 


Aiden's painting.

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