Thursday, February 13, 2014


I love that when life seems the same and a bit hard, it then all of a sudden becomes different. Like a change is forced. My kids are moving into all sorts of new stages. My Gemma is starting to read words naturally instead of sounding out each syllable, my Keiran has become a four year old bug (not always so fun, but normal), and my babe is getting into a napping routine. The sweetest of all changes around here, though a bit bittersweet for me, is with my two oldest. Aiden and Gemma are forming a new bond. I think it has come with Gemma understanding more. Aiden has taught Gem how to play some of his games and now these siblings play games together, which Aiden needs as he is so very social. And, the last few nights I have come down to check on them before bed, in their side-by-side rooms, and found Gemma by Aiden's side; him reading to the both of them. It is bittersweet because Gem and Keiran were the closest, only fifteen months apart. I love that I get to be a part of this all- the evolving of relationships between my kids, and that they have close relationships. I am glad that this learning of life at home allows it. And so, I add to the reasons why we love homeschool.

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