Sunday, April 27, 2014

Share catch-up.


A walk by the lake with mom and her little brothers. 

Blasting through Math-U-See Primer :) 

Drawing a pic of medicine that is made from plants in the rain forest. (Socials with Art.) 

Reading words from Sonlight K.

Copywork. A full sentence!

More Math.... Prepping her with Earlybird Mathematics has made her able to start well with the Math-U-See program. 

Shapes. Counting. (Mom has asked her to write the numbers beside instead of tracing, as she can already write them.)

More Socials. Drawing toucans. (The kids get to pick anything that they have learned from our reading and draw it to show what they have learned- this day was about the jungle.) 

Decimal street- tens and units. 

She has done a lot of math. 

Reading her copywork to mom. 

Making words in her journal. 

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  1. Great work Gemma :) You're doing amazing.


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