Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Living

This summer was full. The next few posts will prove it. Enjoy a medley of our pics!

Aiden building Lego creations from his birthday. 

Canada Day arts were great indoor fun for all to beat the heat. 

We spent tons of time at the spray park this year. Dad and Finn relaxing in the shade. 

 Gemma warming up.

Aiden the brave, waiting for the bucket to drop. 

Because of spending so much time in town this summer, we found a little neighborhood park to hang at one day. Old school slide ;) 

Gemma trying the monkey bars. 

Finn's first swing. 

Never to young for the library! Aiden, Gemma, and Keiran took part in the summer reading club. Aiden committed to reading at least a chapter every day, and Gemma read one of her Sonlight "Fun Tales,"  every night. 

Again we had toads appear in our yard after some August rain. The kids like to create a little ecosystem for them in our kiddie pool. 

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