Monday, January 12, 2015


We are back into school today. This Mamma is processing what we need to focus on and what we need to throw out the door. Gemma needs to take a break from her readers and work on letter blends. I think Aiden will need to work on writing more.  Keiran, he will be good if we round out the review of letters continually. Everyone is progressing in Math. And, for Socials and Science, we need to work more fully to catch up our curriculum and make it routine.
This has been a weird year. We are usually very organized and steady, with the occasional needed break. This season has been a bit unsteady and it feels like we are stumbling forward. We haven't been able to fine tune because life keeps getting thrown at us. It has however been a time to simplify and let go of some unnecessary expectation.
I already am getting a feel for what we will need regarding curriculum, for next year. And this coming next few months will let me know how we will be doing school then too. (Another story, another time.....)

A holiday pic.

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