Friday, September 30, 2016

The Start

We have started, later than usual, but we are in a year of reforming. We have moved to a new home, new city, and new school! I have picked less curriculum this year to leave room for exploration, projects, and learning new ways of doing things, along with all of BC schools. Here are some of our resources. I am still tweaking things as we find our groove.

Aiden's English

Gemma's English

Keiran's English
Math-U-See is our favorite!
 Gemma's is finishing up Alpha this year and will move on to Beta.

Aiden is half way through Gamma.
 Keiran has just begun Alpha this year.

Socials Studies.... always Donna Ward living resources. Read-a-louds and exploring our country in a different way this year.

In science we are diving deep into the world of plants. We will supplement other science subjects as we go.
This year our school requires bible as an actual class (we joined up with Heritage Christian Online School) and so we are trying to structure our faith learning a bit more with weekly scripture verses. We have started reading our bible encyclopedias again and are reading about the early church in Acts.
There is a lot more to cover this year with Arts, Health, PE, Technology, and French classes, but here is the beginning organization of our core subjects.

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