Thursday, February 23, 2017

Aiden's Learning Samples


Aiden is recognizing basic French words and translating these sentences on Duo Lingo fluidly.

Here is his tracked progress.

 This is Aiden's last math test; Gamma lesson 28. He is able to skip count and multiply all of his times tables. When it comes to the multiple digit multiplication, he understands the steps, however he is having trouble focusing and so he keeps making mistakes as he does the bigger problems. He does well when mom leads him through each step, but on his own he is still becoming overwhelmed.

The other side of his math test.

Aiden's free journaling. 

As you can see, he loves to write and doodle.
This is a creative writing story that Aiden worked through, from doing the outline, all the way to editing!

     Hi, I'm Jeff the crab-creeper and I will be your guide in this story, so stick around for chapter 1 where you will see Aiden find his way to...

                                                                                    Chapter 1                                                  
      Once, while Aiden was playing Minecraft he went down to see why it wasn't working.
"Why is it not working?" said Aiden.
 "Maybe the cords fell out," said mom. Aiden looked around and the cords were out and then he put them in, and WOOSH!

chapter 2
     He got sucked into the computer! "Whoa!" said Aiden. "Where am I?"

     Jeff the crab-creeper: While Aiden figures out where he is, let's go over and see what Jackson is doing at his island. What is an island you ask? It is a place were you can get and make almost anything!

     "Hey Bronson, where is my iron!" shouted Jackson.
     "I don't know!" said Bronson.

     Jeff the crab-creeper: Let's go back to Aiden. 

     "What? Where? Huh?" said Aiden. "What are all of these words?"

                                                                              Chapter 3
     "What? It says island?" said Aiden. "Wait, is that a command?" Then Aiden wrote /island in the chat. WOOSH!  
     "Woah, there is a chest!" Aiden warped to an island! "There is a... sword! But, there is no one to battle." Thunk thunk thunk! "What is that?," asked Aiden.
     "Bronson, get him!" shouted someone.
     "Wait! is that you Bronson and Jackson?" said Aiden.
     "Yes, it that you Aiden?" said the 2 voices.
     "Yes!" said Aiden loudly.
     "Yay!" shouted all of them.

                                                                         Chapter 4
     Then all of them worked and played on the island. BOOM!
     "Someone is attacking!" shouted Jackson. 
     "They have TNT!" yelled Aiden. 

     Jeff the crab-creeper: Wow! This story is escalating quickly! But, then Bronson had an idea!

     "You guys, we  can make a trap!" said Jackson. 
     "Yeah" they all said. So, they went to PVP and got $$ and then they came back and built a trap!
     "I hope this works." said Bronson. 
     "Yeah hopefully he does not know it is a trap." said Aiden. Then they went and hid in their house with all of their armor and tools, and they saw the players name tag. It was Julius006. He had came to the island before and he was bad! He fell for the trap! 
     "Yay!" they all yelled. He was finally gone! Then... WOOSH WAZZAP! Aiden teleported to the real world. It was five years later in 2025, when he went into the game at 2020! 

     Jeff the crab-creeper: And that is the story of Aiden's journey!

             the end!
written by: Aiden Lokstet


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