Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Day in the Life of Aiden

I wanted to share some samples of the kid's work a little differently for term 3. Here is what Aiden has been up to....

Language Arts
Aiden has been practicing writing stories in different genres this past while. Here are some of his free writing samples. The first three pages are a Science Fiction chapter book (he has not finished this story- he is stuck on the ending). Usually after Aiden finishes reading his chapter book and journaling first thing in the morning, he will work on one of these stories. He often starts with a story form (the story web is his favorite) and sometimes he just gets a great idea and puts it down on paper right away. He is very messy what his brain is inspired, but I love his illustrations and the visual aspects he adds to his writing. It shows his personality it a big way!

 This was a true story about what happened when Aiden was sleepwalking.
After a quick break, Aiden gets into his math- Mondays we do video instruction and then work on the workbook pages after that. Aiden is working on Math-U-See Delta now, which is a division mastery program. He is finding it easy again, after struggling a bit through the many steps of multiple digit multiplication. I love that when the kids do the flip side it is so easy for them because their facts have stuck. We never learned how to skip count all the numbers! It is amazing.

Social Studies
Our afternoon is usually filled with Social Studies or Science (rotating). Aiden has been learning about the symbols, geography, and industry of each province of Canada, alongside his brother and sister.

Aiden has been learning a lot about plants in our family study, God's Design for Life; the World of Plants. We usually read the beginner and/or intermediate lesson. Sometimes there are worksheets to go alongside, but often we are just observing plants in our home and yard as we learn about each part and function. For the last assignment we did an experiment about mold. The result were surprising!


Our other activities/courses are woven throughout our afternoons.....
Career Education
Aiden has become an expert at chores this year. Mom writes out a list each day and the kids fill in their names with the ones they want to accomplish, and then check off the boxes when they are done. Aiden is vacuuming the upstairs and stairwell.
Arts Education
Aiden has recently made a clay panda planter at 4Cats Art Studio. He also painted a bird house for our front tree.
Physical and Health Education
Aiden has taken soccer, gymnastics, and swimming this year as extra-curricular classes. He moved up a level in swim lessons. He also has been on his BMX and skateboard often. He likes to play ball, swim at the lake, climb at the park, and jump on his friend's trampoline to get in his daily exercise.

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