Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gemma --> LA, Bible, Math, Socials

Gemma. A little of this, a little of that.

Language Arts.
Gemma daily works on journaling and reading. This is our practice and free creative writing time. Gemma is excelling in reading. Her journal helps build confidence and spelling skills, and sometimes a little grammar as well. She is doing great with this this year. The focus that I wanted for Gemma this year was to improve upon and build her spelling ability. She is working at A Reason For Spelling, Level D.

 Gemma picked this book from our varied stack of readers.

 A page from Gemma's journal and how we use it for building spelling skills.

 Spelling worksheet- definitions.


Gemma has been enjoying her "The Book of Bible Doodles" this year. The stories she is learning have often lined up with Kids Church so it has been fun that way. Gemma is first looking up her scriptures in her bible and then colors and adds to her doodle pages.

Gemma is working through Math-U-See Beta this year.
Here is a sample of lesson 27- subtracting money:

Social Studies
Gemma chose Canada's Natives of Long Ago this year. She has been reading all about the Inuit for the last while.
 Her Inuit unit title page.
The Inuit food and facts.

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