Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Book work in March.

A bit of our mornings....

C usually says /k/ as in cake. Color this picture whose name begins with the sound /k/.
This is one of Mom's favorite Code activities to see Gemma do. The way that she colors shows her personality.  


What a morning looks like from Gemma's side of the table. She has: Handwriting Without Tears; Letters and Numbers for Me, Go For the Code C (A primer from the Explode the Code Series), Sonlight K worksheet(s) and a reader (this one is "Jill's Pup"), and Singapore Earlybird Mathematics B. 

What a morning looks like from Aiden's side of the table. He has: Explode the Code 6, a Sonlight Grade 2 worksheet and reader (this one is "Frog and Toad are Friends"), and Math-U-See Alpha. He also has spelling words to write out on the whiteboard that follow his learned rule for the week (on Monday/day 1), a pretest (on Tuesday/day 2), and a spelling test (on Friday/day4). 

 This is Gem's story starter... She told Mom the story that is written down here.

An example of Aiden's rule and spelling words. (Grade 2 Sonlight.) 

Aiden's pretest of the week. 

Meanwhile.... Keiran is playing spy. 

Math test 24 for Aiden.  Yay, 20/20.

Finn is now four months old. He can grab toys and his toes. He loves to laugh and is a very content to be at home. ( I think this pic was actually taken in the evening but we needed to fit Finn in.)

 Aiden's Alpha unit test 3. It seems a break for him has done him well.
More unit test, page 3. 

 Unit test, second page.

Aiden's first page of his unit test. 

Aiden using ir, ur, and er in his Explode the Code 6 workbook. 

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