Tuesday, March 18, 2014

school and life

All of a sudden life is whirling. The kids are grasping all things new and are buzzing around in front of Mom, ahead of Mom. They know the routine and grab their books and go. It is a great thing. It is in this place that this Mamma also needs to let go again. I remember that they are not just mine, but entrusted to us by a great God. This God has a plan for their lives, even in the now. Recently we have been refocusing. Mom has remembered to start well again, to be intentional. We took a quiet week in the beginning of March when there was starting to be pressure, and attitudes, and exhaustion. We caught up a few things and did nothing much more. Mom unplugged from the busy and now because of this, there is a more clear picture of this thing we call school and life.

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