Saturday, May 9, 2015

shared school

Aiden, Gemma, and Keiran's shared learning:

The kids have now covered sharks and rays, frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles and crocodiles, invertebrates and insects.
Here is Aiden's pic of an octopus. 

Gemma's octopus.

Aiden's great white shark.

A new book of drawing people..... Aiden's nurse. 

Aiden's basketball player.

Gemma drew an elf.
Health and Career:
For the last while, Aiden, Gemma, and Keiran have been learning about building up others. They have been attending a new Kids Church class and have been learning character building bible verses to go along with this. Gemma has memorized a certain one The kids have also taken on a new family motto: Kind hands, Kind Mouths. It has been great to see them remind each other of this motto when someone is starting to act unkind.

Fine Arts:
Aiden, Gemma, and Keiran have also been learning new action songs at Kid's Church. They love to sing and dance at home too and often sing along to Songza.
Aiden and Gemma have started an art class at 4Cats Art Studio and are going to be learning about Marc Chagall, as well as painting an artist inspired painting.
Aiden, Gemma, and Keiran have all finished up another set of swim lessons. They are back in the great outdoors, riding bikes, climbing trees, and doing gymnastic moves off of their swing set. The latest interest is pakour.
*Because of our really hard year with sickness, all three kids will be working through curriculum late in the school year. We have had a rough go, but also some great accomplishments this year!

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