Saturday, May 9, 2015

wrapping up the school year- Aiden

Aiden's English: 

Weekly copywork and helping verbs. Aiden is still using Sonlight Grade 3. He is done week 20 so far his year.

Learning about different poems. Aiden wrote  quatrain and a limerick.

Aiden really wanted to learn cursive writing and has done a great job learning all his letters. He actually has neater writing than printing now.

Some brainstorming.

Aiden wrote a paragraph about his favorite place.
Aiden's Math:

Aiden is working through Math-U-See Beta. He is currently working on lesson 23.

Telling time review.

Multiple digit subtraction.

Rounding to a thousand.
Aiden's Social Studies:

Aiden is loving this year's Donna Ward, Canada;s Native Long Ago Socials curriculum (we also used her Canada program for grade one). This past bit, he has been learning about Eastern Woodland Hunters and Eastern Woodland Farmers. He has also been asking lots of questions about his Metis heritage and using Granda Brookes as a research partner.

The Eastern Woodland Hunters gathered berries in the summer.

.... The Eastern Woodland Hunters live in wigwams and move to where their food is....

Mapping the regions. 

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