Monday, September 28, 2015

Keiran's September Start.

Keiran's learning samples for Math and English:

Review with a pretest. Explode the Code 1.

Second page of pretest.

And last page of pretest.

Keiran knows his sounds.

Copy work.

 Handwriting Without Tears. Starting with the Alphabet.
 (Not sure why these pics turned themselves.) Adding an s to make the words plural.
More copy work practice. Keiran is having a bit of trouble with his confidence when writing pages come but has progressed through this month.
Keiran has also been reading Sonlight Fun Tales and is on book number five. This has helped him from being overwhelmed and has boosted his confidence to read.
 Keiran is continuing to work through Math-U-See Primer.
 Practicing decimal street: units, tens, hundreds.

 He has been learning about number blocks and is matching them with the unit blocks.
 More work. Keiran has been working on lessons 10 and 11 this month.
 Lesson 11 work. (To save coloring for hours, we just mark our block colors with a line or x.)
Lesson 11 on the next page.

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