Monday, September 28, 2015

Socials and Science in September

We do most of our Social Studies and Science as a group, and our work is catered to age and skill. Here is some of what Gemma and Keiran have been up to:


 The Lokstet kids went on a Fall scavenger hunt to observe their habitat (as they call it) in this season.
Gemma's findings.

Keiran's collection.
Keiran collected this grasshopper that wanted out of the project. Haha!
 The Lokstet kids have also started their work in Sonlight Science. Gemma is acting as the scribe this year.
Social Studies

 Gemma and Keiran did a project about their place in the world. We reviewed the country and province that they live in.
They looked at Canada on the globe and what surrounds it (oceans, USA).
Here is Gemma's completed project (minus pics of the details to our home).

Keiran's turn.

The Lokstet kids have also been listening to Story of the World as we drive many hours to the city a week. They have listened to many stories about things such as the first peoples, mummies, temples, the Israelites, bull jumpers, etc. This is Gemma's coloring of bull jumping- they think it must have been the first gymnastics.

Here is some of the review cards (mostly we are just listening to this resource).


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