Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our first week of crazy, organized, chaos.

Ready to go!

 Grade K, 1, and 4.
 Keiran practicing letter sounds.
 Gemma's "Rule and Write" for the week: compound words.
 Aiden's writing topic.

 You can still learn while in baby jail. Haha! One and a half year old, Mr. Finn is coloring.
 Everyone deep into their Math-U-See. (Primer and Alpha.)
 Aiden is trying Teaching Textbooks this year and is liking this program, and the freedom it brings- it is spurring him on! So far, I am glad that we changed it up for him as he usually has stress when it comes to math.
 Some more of Gemma's English- describing an animal.
This year we need to focus on her writing skills as she is now an avid reader.
I don't know why my camera keeps flipping pictures as I take them, but this is a fun story that Aiden and Mom wrote together. We each took a turn start and ending each sentence, alternating turns. It was fun!


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